Compoclaims.co.uk was founded to assist in the claiming of compensation on behalf of the customer. Compensation can be claimed for situations where it can be proved that the other party has been negligent in their treatment of a consumers issues.

By agreeing to appoint Compoclaims.co.uk to act on your behalf you are consenting to these terms. We agree to secure satisfactory resolution in the matter of any claims undertaken by ourselves. The claimant agrees not to engage or instruct any third party or company in this matter. You also agree to provide Compoclaims.co.uk with any necessary relevant documentation within the time scale stipulated at writing. You also agree to forward either by email or post any correspondence received from the Defendant firm directly to us open receipt. Any documentation sent via the postal system should be sent via a signed for service. These costs will be factored into your claim.

Business is conducted on a No Win No Fee basis which means if the case is not won then no payment is necessary.


We charge a commission of 25% of the settlement figure (plus any court or solicitors fees if required.) Settlement payment is usually sent to us via cheque and the balance minus the above fees will be sent via cheque to you. Should your claim be settled via a voucher, replacement or any other non money form you agree to pay us our 25% commission via cheque. Payment should be made within 7 days of the invoice date. If this payment is not received within 7 days each subsequent remainder email or letter which is sent will incur a charge of £15. Failure to send payment will inevitably lead to legal measures.

If a case is delayed due to the fact that you supplied compoclaims.co.uk with incorrect information or contact details then we are within our rights to deduct an administration fee of £25 from your claim.


You have the right to cancel the contract within 14 days of appointing us to act on your behalf. Please do so via email at business@compoclaims.co.uk. We agree to refund any payments sent to us. These payments will be refunded using the same method as the original payment.


If you are not happy with the service you have received from Compoclaims.co.uk you have the right to open a complaint. Please direct any complaints or grievances to business@compoclaims.co.uk together with the claim reference number.

Termination of the contract occurs when the claim has been settled and all payments due have been paid and deducted.

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