No Win No Fee


The term “No Win No Fee” relates to the method of fee settlement agreement. This settlement agreement was introduced in the United Kingdom from 1985. It was introduced to provide a method for clients who could not afford legal fees to claim back the compensation they are entitled to. This means that if a case is taken up and you do not win then no money needs to be paid. If you do win you will receive the settlement figure minus any fees and a percentage of the legal costs.

In April 2013 the government made a change to the way the no win no fee works in England and Wales. This states unlike before April 2013 that a percentage of the legal costs as to be paid by the successful claimant.

OUT OF COURT CLAIMS will try their utmost best to reach an amicable successful outcome without the compensation claim reaching court. If this is the case then no legal fees are chargeable. If however, this cannot be achieved and the claim as to be escalated to court then a percentage of the legal fees are chargeable.

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